In-House Clear Aligner

 How can it be done?

Digitizing impression

More comfortable digital impression taking with a TRIOS scanner. No choking/gags, that can happen in conventional alginate impression.

Discussing treatment progress

Treatment progress and outcome are explained with visual simulation.

Generating models

Printed 3D models are generated and Clear Aligner will be constructed then.

Receiving clear aligners

In-house processed clear aligners are given to the patient.

Following up

Follow up during and after the treatment course is important for achieving the final outcome.

For more information on In-House Clear Aligner in our clinic, please kindly call us at +6 085 417272.
Booking Appointment
You may book your appointment over the phone or over the counter in our clinic. We send out reminders to our patients a day before the appointment. Please reply to confirm and arrive on time for your appointment. 

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